JIG Furniture Services


John Gossett, owner and custom builder

Do you have a niche that could use a decorative table? Perhaps you would like to spice up your dining room with an artisan server/buffet. Would you like to present your child or grandchild a custom-built toy chest that will stand the test of time? Is your master bedroom closet a perpetual jumbled mess of clothing stacked high on one dinky shelf above the single bowed hanger rod? If so, I can provide the custom closet solution to your problem!

I provide the service of bringing my furniture and cabinet building experience to solving your problem and enhancing your environment with quality, custom built furniture and select cabinet jobs. During our initial consultation we will discuss your vision and desires and I will endeavor to help you reach your vision by explaining what fits and how to fulfill your vision with fine furniture or cabintery. When we have reached agreement on design and functionality, and upon receipt of a small design fee, I will take measurents, provide sample images, and sketches of the design vision and if the vision presented meets your needs, engage in a contract to start the work.

Please call or email me at the number or link at the top of the page if you wish me to assist you with furniture or cabinet services!