Hello visitor! I am a 12 year Army Veteran (radio operator and computer technician) who left the army to earn an Electrical Engineering degree from Lamar University. I then applied my technical experience and degree to become a Computer Engineer designing microprocessors.

Along the way, I engaged in the hobby of woodworking and after twenty years of building increasingly complex furniture and cabinets for family, friends, and neighbors, I made the leap from Computer Engineering to Furniture Builder for profit and fun. Confucius said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” I derive incredible joy and passion in sketching a furniture design, hand crafting carefully selected pieces of raw lumber and plywood into a lovely functional furniture piece that serves the recipient hopefully for generations.

If you live in the Austin/Central Texas area and have a need for a table, buffet, server, display cabinet, built-in or other custom furniture, please email me at the link above or give me a call. I would love to put my passion for designing and building furniture to serve your needs as well as add beauty to your space.

Finally I offer an explanation of the “JIG Furniture” business name. A jig is a woodworking implement either built or purchased that improves the efficiency of performing a particular woodworking task and I have built many useful jigs over the years. Coincidentally, The initials of myself, my wife, and my last name are JIG a thus JIG Furniture (John & Inge Gossett) both relates to the tools of my trade and as a special thank you to my wife Inge for her blessings for this venture to engage in my passion as a profession.